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R ❤︎ BEAUTY⎮ How to Use: High-Powered Light Therapy Mask (Acne + Aging)

How to Use the R ❤︎ BEAUTY LIGHT:

The R ❤︎ BEAUTY LIGHT is easy to use.  Follow the steps below for your at-home light therapy treatment.

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Before & After Pictures:

It is highly recommended that you take a "Before" picture and subsequent "After" pictures to track your progress with light therapy.

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Instructions for Use:

Step 1: Wash your face before treatment.

Step 2: Use skincare products as normal.  Avoid using Vitamin A (retinol) or other photosensitive products prior to using Light Therapy as photosensitive products can block the effectiveness of Light Therapy.  Please feel free to apply your photosensitive products after your Light Therapy treatment session.

Step 3: Connect the R ❤︎ BEAUTY LIGHT to the remote control using the included USB cable. Connect the power cord to the remote control. Then plug the device into a standard electrical outlet using the included power cord. Due to the power of the lights, this device must be plugged in while using.

Step 4: Press the POWER SWITCH button on the remote.  Then press the ON/OFF button to start a treatment session.  To pause a treatment session, use the ON/OFF button.

Step 5: Adjust the INTENSITY / ENERGY [Levels 1-5], TIME, and COLOR for your desired results.

Step 6: Lay back and relax with your eyes closed.

(Mask will turn off automatically at the end of treatment)

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Using the Remote Control:

STEP 1: Press TOP LEFT button to power on the remote control.

STEP 2: Press TOP RIGHT button to power on the mask. This button is also used to "PAUSE" your treatment session.

STEP 3: Press CENTER button to change color wavelength.

STEP 4: Press BOTTOM RIGHT / LEFT buttons to adjust time (5-60 min).

STEP 5: Press BOTTOM UP / DOWN buttons to adjust intensity (1-5).

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