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R ❤︎ BEAUTY⎮ Frequently Asked Questions: Light Therapy Mask

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How does Light Therapy work to fight acne?

A: Light Therapy gently penetrates skin and kills acne bacteria living on facial skin’s surface.  This is a clinically proven technology that is used in dermatologists’ offices. 

Q: Is the R ❤︎ BEAUTY LIGHT UV-Free? 

A: Yes, the R ❤︎ BEAUTY LIGHT is UV-free.  This product does not emit hot UV wavelengths of light, which are harmful to facial skin.

Q: Is the R ❤︎ BEAUTY LIGHT safe to Use?

A: Yes, the R ❤︎ BEAUTY LIGHT is safe to use (for most skin types) as the product uses Advanced Light Therapy technology that emits only safe and therapeutic light wavelengths.  This same Light Therapy technology has been used by dermatologists for over a decade.  The mask uses only medical grade lights.

Q: Is Light Therapy clinically proven?

A: Yes, there are thousands of scientific research studies that have proven the clinical effectiveness of Light therapy.  Light therapy technology has been thoroughly researched, tested, and validated by hundreds of universities, medical scientific research laboratories, and NASA, a pioneer in light therapy.  

NASA has researched light therapy for its healing benefits for several decades.  Light therapy has been studied for human space travel (to help heal bodies in space travel).  Light therapy has also been used in medical and dental procedures for over a decade for its wound healing properties.

There have been thousands of scientific research studies conducted on light therapy.  In addition, Light therapy is still rigorously researched and tested today for new medical treatments because of its amazing healing properties, including hair regrowth, pain relief from chemotherapy treatments, and arthritis pain, to name a few.

Q: Does Light Therapy cause any pain or discomfort?

A: No, there is no pain or discomfort at all when using the R ❤︎ BEAUTY LIGHT.  Light therapy is a relaxing and rejuvenating treatment with soothing effects.  See the light therapy difference with the R ❤︎ BEAUTY LIGHT.

Q: Should I use my skincare products when using my R ❤︎ BEAUTY LIGHT?

A: Yes, you should use your skincare products in conjunction with the R ❤︎ BEAUTY LIGHT.  Light therapy is even more effective when used in conjunction with high quality skincare products.  

For example, if one's goal is acne reduction, the individual should use their acne products in conjunction with the R ❤︎ BEAUTY LIGHT

Q: Are there any negative side effects with using Light Therapy?

A: No, there are no negative side effects associated with light therapy (as of today).  Light therapy is the only facial treatment (that currently exists) with no negative side effects.  The benefits from light therapy are amazing and scientists continue to uncover more benefits of light therapy daily.  

Because there are no negative side effects associated with light therapy, light therapy is considered one of the most effective medical treatments in all of history.  The benefits of light therapy continue to amaze scientists and physicians with new health benefits still being discovered after decades of research.

Q: What color wavelength(s) should I use with my R ❤︎ BEAUTY LIGHT?

A: This depends on your desired goals and current skin condition.  Please read Recommended Treatment Plans for At-Home Light Therapy for more information.  Also, please see our QuickStart Guide to using light therapy.

VIEW: Recommended Treatment Plans for Light Therapy

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Q: Who is the ideal Light Therapy candidate?

A: Light therapy is recommended for almost every skin type.  The healing properties of light therapy is highly beneficial for most skin types.

Q: Can pregnant women safely use Light Therapy?

A: We do not recommend using light therapy if you are pregnant.  Although light therapy is generally considered safe for most skin types, light therapy has not been clinically tested on pregnant women specifically.  Because the effects have not been studied, we do not recommend that pregnant women use light therapy.

Q: How do I charge the R ❤︎ BEAUTY LIGHT

A: The R ❤︎ BEAUTY LIGHT is a plug-in device due to the power of the lights. To use the mask, please first plug in the device and then use the included remote control to set your light therapy color wavelength (7 wavelengths total), time duration (5-60 min), and intensity / power (1-5).