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Top 3 Korean Beauty Skincare Rules

Top 3 Korean Beauty Skincare Rules

K-Beauty Culture + Advanced Korean Beauty Technology:

Korean Beauty is making its mark on Western Beauty Culture right now and for good reason.  Korean women have long been the pioneers of new and advanced beauty trends.  From amazing facial skincare products to advanced beauty tools and  anti-aging technology, Koreans are at the forefront of all things beauty.

Korean Beauty vs. Western Beauty:

One of the big differences between Korean Beauty and Western Culture Beauty is in the daily skincare routines of Korean women and American women.  In Korean culture, preventative beauty skincare regiments are very important to the daily lives of women.  While preventative care is important in Western Culture, Korean women take preventative beauty care regiments to a whole new level. 

Daily K-Beauty Routines:

Daily beauty routines are very important to Korean women and their beautiful skin shows the results of their diligent daily preventative care. 

Rule #1- Always Double-Cleanse (Cleanse + Exfoliate):

Double-cleansing is an important first step to the Daily K-Beauty Routine.  As part of their daily beauty routine, Korean women will first use a cleanser to remove makeup and impurities and then a second cleanser or exfoliator to deep-clean and exfoliate facial skin.  This helps to keep skin clear of breakouts, while also being smoother in texture and more radiant.  Double-cleansing helps give Korean women their beautiful facial glow.

Rule #2- Always Use Toner After Cleansing:

Toner is an important second step of facial skin cleansing.  Toner helps to balance the pH of delicate facial skin while also giving it a bit of hydration.  Toner will prepare facial skin to absorb serums and moisturizing products and will help to maximize the benefits of facial skincare products.

Rule #3- Always Moisturize + Use Sun Protection:

Moisturizers and sun protection products are a daily staple of the beauty routines of Korean women, no matter their age.  Korean girls are taught the importance of moisturizing from an early age and are a part of daily beauty routines for both the young and old.  Moisturizers and sun protection products is important for preventing premature aging of the skin.  Facial skin is one of the first indicators of premature aging so take care of your facial skin to prevent from looking older than you really are!

K-Beauty has become popular for good reason- it is highly effective!  

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  • March 09, 2017
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