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K-Beauty Skincare: Hi-Tech At-Home Facial Treatment

K-Beauty Skincare: Hi-Tech At-Home Facial Treatment


K-Beauty Skincare is heavily focused on at-home facial treatments for achieving naturally beautiful skin and preventative care.  There is a big emphasis placed on taking care of skin with beauty technology and high-quality ingredients.  At-home facial treatments are one of the main reasons why Korean women have flawless, radiant skin.  Korean women regularly use at-home facial treatments as part of their daily skincare routines. 


Sheet masks have been a popular staple of K-Beauty Skincare for over a decade.  Korean sheet masks are packed with beneficial ingredients.  A sheet mask is soaked in essence (serum-type liquid) that is filled with hydrating ingredients for facial skin.  

Because Korean sheet masks are affordable and effective, Korean women have been known to use a sheet mask daily (sometimes even doubling up and using a sheet mask in the morning and another in the evening).  The popularity of Korean sheet masks have made their way to Western culture and it’s now easier than ever to get your hands on a Korean sheet mask.


When you are getting ready to use a Korean sheet mask, the first step is to cleanse your skin and pat dry.  If you use toner, use it at this time.  Then place the sheet mask on your clean skin.  Important: Do not use moisturizer before using the sheet mask.  You will want to save the moisturizer for after using the sheet mask.

Make sure to pat the sheet mask lightly onto your skin, ensuring there are little to no air bubbles.  You want the sheet mask touching as much of your skin as possible.  The more the sheet mask touches your skin, the more your skin will absorb the hydrating essence.

Leave the sheet mask on your face for 15-30 minutes (please consult the sheet mask’s instructions for intended duration).  Make sure to remove your sheet mask before it dries out.  The sheet mask should still be damp when you remove the mask.  Pat the remaining essence into your skin. 

Do not wash your face after using the sheet mask.  The mask’s ingredients are beneficial for your skin. 

Use a moisturizer after using a sheet mask to seal in all of the hydrating benefits.  Moisturizer acts as a sealant, helping to lock away the moisture in your skin. 

Now that you know how to use a Korean sheet mask, it’s time for you to try the Hi-Tech At-Home Facial Treatment for yourself.  Buy the R ❤︎ BEAUTY LIGHT now.


STEP 1: Cleanse facial skin with normal face cleanser.  If desired, use a mild exfoliating scrub as a 2nd cleanser.  Use toner.  Do not apply moisturizer yet.

STEP 2*: Place a Korean sheet mask on your face.  Smooth mask over face getting out air bubbles (as much as you can).  You will want the sheet mask clinging to as much skin as possible as this will help with skin’s absorption of the essence.  Please refer to your sheet mask’s instructions for intended duration- normally 20-30 minutes. 

STEP 3: After intended duration has passed, remove the sheet mask and lightly pat in any remaining essence into skin.  Make sure to remove the sheet mask while it is still damp.  Do not let sheet mask completely dry out.  Use moisturizer (& eye cream) at this time.

STEP 4: Use the R ❤︎ BEAUTY LIGHT for a treatment session (approx. 20-30 min).  With 7 different wavelengths of light therapy, the R ❤︎ BEAUTY LIGHT is beneficial for most skin types. 

Repeat regularly for your most beautiful skin. 

*OPTION: You can also use the R ❤︎ BEAUTY LIGHT on top of a sheet mask.  

Laser White Wavelength (Light Therapy) is recommended for use on top of a sheet mask, as the wavelength helps increase absorption of the mask's essence.  


Light therapy is an easy and effective solution for many skin issues (as well as a number of other health issues including wound healing and pain relief).  Light therapy is a clinically proven technology that has been used in dermatologists' offices for over a decade.  This clinically proven technology is highly effective at rejuvenating facial skin cells making you look more youthful and radiant.

  • May 23, 2017
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